Level 3

Intermediate Level

Level 3 Guided learning hours 80Hrs 

seshanatyanikethan - Classes - Level 3


Energetic and complex musical composition in Bharatanatyam, showcasing intricate footwork and rhythmic patterns.

seshanatyanikethan - Classes - Level 3


Rhythmic and expressive segment in Bharatanatyam, conveying emotions through intricate footwork and gestures.

seshanatyanikethan - Classes - Level 3


Artistic essence in Bharatanatyam, embodying grace, tradition, and cultural richness through dance.

Level - Adavu


Collection of hymns in Tamil literature, praising Lord Shiva, vital in Shaivaite tradition.

Level Arimandi


Devotional musical composition in Carnatic music, expressing devotion and spiritual themes melodically.

Level - Posture training


Emotional and lyrical segment in Bharatanatyam, narrating stories through expressive facial expressions.

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